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brescia underground

rivers under thetown - 13 totems

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Brescia Underground

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Cascina Aurora - Via Raffaello 165
25127 S. Polo - Brescia - Italy

the adventure is ours

The Brescia Underground Association, officially born the 1st of june 2006, main goals are the research, exploration and documentation of the underground rivers of Brescia. Most research is devoted to the exploration and documentation of underground rivers and hidden canals beneath the old town, such as the Garza river, Bova, Celato, Dragone, Molin del Brolo, Garzetta and many others with no official maps. Up to three centuries ago these rivers streamed in the sunlight, serving water to the city numerous residents, artisans and factories. Today they are waiting to be explored and documented to allow a better understanding of the innermost part of the urban core that is often forgotten and abandoned in its historical memory. Up to now, the Brescia Underground Association has studied a good part of the local underground heritage, thanks to the support of individuals and institutions, having an unexpected success both

in terms of historical, cultural and educational results, offering to the "more curious" a viable - and alternative - adventurous activity. The Brescia Underground Association research activities also have further implications, in fact, Brescia Underground adventures under the city are offered to the public. Tours in the inner belly of the city are frequently organized. The Brescia Underground activity is also brought to other cities and outside of Italy. A strong network of relationship with other professionists from this field allow us to exchange experiences with friends throught all the globe. Cellars, forgotten areas, legends and secrets are among the main ingredients that stimulate curiosity and innate desire to discover of our crew.


Fondazione Dolci - Municipality Brescia - Consorzio generale federativo utenze del Mella - Led Lenser
Based on a Brescia Underground's idea, october 2009

The totems are located in the following spot:
  • Porta Pile - Piazzale Cesare Battisti;
  • Via Battaglie palazzo Calini ai fiumi;
  • Vicolo S. Faustino at the intersection of Contrada del Carmine (right next to the namesake church);
  • Via S. Faustino piazzetta del Ponticello;
  • At the junction of Via Elia Capriolo and Via S. Faustino;
  • Contrada Pozzo dell'Olmo;
  • On the corner of Corso Garibaldi and via delle Battaglie (near the Pallata tower);
  • Largo Formentone;
  • Piazza della Vittoria - S. Agata's church;
  • At the crossing of Via Fratelli Porcellaga and Corso Palestro;
  • At the intersection of Via Annibale Calini and via Dandolo (the Serraglio);
  • On the corner of Via Felice Cavallotti and Corso Zanardelli;
  • Via Moretto, piazzetta S. Domenico.

Brescia Underground Association decided to install 13 historic cultural totems in the main streets of the city center. The totems are a tangible evidence of the great number of water flows which are mostly concealed under the houses, squares and monuments of the downtown area. For centuries, streams, underground passages and millraces traced the path and the changes of the city and, during preindustrial times, they enhanced our ancestors' life and economy.
The totems disclose the main streams and underground passages: Garza, Dragone, Bova, Celato, Molin del Brolo and Guzzetto.
Water flows' description are both in Italian and in English.

If you want to see the pictures of the totems, just click on the dots!

A glass on the river Garza, the current joining of Bova and celato

via s. faustino 1b - 25122 brescia

with the contribution and the support of

Based on a Brescia Underground's idea

July 2013. Brescia Underground Association had the one of a kind privilege to replace a pre-existent manhole cover with a new one made of tempered glass. This change was made to allow pedestrians to observe the flow of ancient urban rivers silently running where one couldn't even imagine. The aim of the association is to disclose a treasure of culture, history and interest and to show it up to the city of Brescia. During the middle Ages, the leading force of the city was considered to be water. Today the new glass brings back to life the historic location of the Garza, flowing through by Bova and Celato. At the very heart of the ancient city, where once waterwheels and the first small shops developed, today here's a memory, a romantic tasting breach catching sight of the underground. This urban eye will allow both Brescia's citizens and the tourists to overlook the ancient city, and to remember a time when rivers, underground passages and millraces were completely unveiled.

A special thanks to those who made it possible to achieve this project, which is just a prelude of what can still be fulfilled in the pursuit of the city's authenticity. Indeed, Brescia's old cultural identity has been concealed from its historic recollection for far too long.

Andrea Busi, Brescia Underground

international drain meet 2013 - february 23rd 2013 - brescia, italy

After 9 years on the field we're proud to have hosted the event that united friends & fans. Explorers from U.S., Canada, England,Scotland, Sweden, Australia, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium and Colombia gathered in the belly of Brescia inside history, art and culture. Now the Brescia's lion can crown the work. A EPIC INTERNATIONAL DRAIN MEET 2013 - In random order the staff would like to thanks (and leave a part of hearth) to Looney Goons, Al Fermoposta cafè, SilentUK, The Winchester, Sleepycity and all the crews and people who made this night unforgettable. Much love! event's gallery >

Enrico Balducci
assistant and meeting regulator (moderator)
Danilo Rabaioli
lighting technician
Alessandro Rozzi, Guido Sartori
safety measures
Giacomo Busi
setting up, supervision and works' direction
Andrea Busi, Luca Carenzo
international organization
Marco Gussoni, Andrea Marchina, Francesco Ragozzino, Maurizio Gatti e Federico Beltrami
Looney Goons
DJ set in support of the event
Fermoposta cafè
pre-event support

We would also like to thank the numerous other people whose contribution was essential in making the event a success. Special thank to Moses Gates and to the foreign groups such as SilentUK, the Winchester and Spleepycity for their participation in the event.

Tours under the city

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Our rivers, underground passages and millraces' archive includes photographic campaigns, articles, newspapers, interviews, publications, rare editions, manuscripts and planimetries. To consult the archive or simply to have detailed information, please contact us and schedule an appointment by calling the mobile number +39 349.0998697 or fax +39 030.3532511 / Associazione Brescia Underground - Headquarters in Cascina Aurora, via Raffaello 165 - 25127 S.Polo - Brescia - Italy.


Associazione Brescia Underground
C.F. 98128080177
P. IVA 03528800984
fax +39 030.3532511
mobile +39 349.0998697

Cascina Aurora - Via Raffaello 165
25127 S. Polo - Brescia - Italy

THE BUCS! A movie by Bresciaunderground United / Mr. Sheep-0 Productions / Powered by Led Lenser / Theme by the Hawaii Samurai - 2014 -

The squad: credits & special thanks to: Andrea Busi, Mattia Lodrini, Andrea Marchina, Emilio Lucchese, Andrea Gurri, Mario De Francesco, Cristian Iannuzzi, Guido Sartori, Giacomo Senaldi, Papa Mamadou Kebe, Raffaele Entrada, Pietro Biloni, Edith Artunghi, Valentina Peri, Ilary Riggio, Carmen Vivenzi, Alessia Panizzi, Nicole Macca, Federica Sofia Magrini Sissa, Donato e Giuseppe Mazzuchelli, Sara Codella e Marco Bigioli.